About Shell, Wyoming  

     Stilyard Enterprises is located near the rural community of Shell, in northern Wyoming.  The little town of 50 lies in a spacious valley made by Shell Creek to the east and Trapper Creek to the south.  Ranches, farmland and horse or cow pastures cover most of the valley.  Shell is surrounded by the mountains forming the Big Horn Basin.  The Big Horns to the east, The Carters and Absarokas to the west and the Owl Creeks south.

     Driving five miles east from Shell, US Highway 14 enters Shell canyon.  Tall facades of granite cut out by the small creek over millions of years make for scenic vistas, which are made all the better by the fresh mountain air.  The Big Horns rise to 9000 feet above sea level at Granite Pass, with Cloud Peak being the highest point at 13000 feet above sea level.  Fishing, hunting, camping, snowmobiling and hiking are just a few of the many activities available in the Big Horns. 

     Greybull is the nearest town, 15 miles to the west, with a population of 1700.  Located 50 miles west of Greybull, Cody offers all of the amenities of the "big city" along with the nationally renowned Buffalo Bill Historical Center.  Another 50 miles west of Cody brings you to the gates of Yellowstone National Park, a popular destination for many vacationers.  70 miles south of Greybull, Hot Springs State Park, in Thermopolis, offers swimming or soaking in the world’s largest mineral hot springs.  Powell, 45 miles northwest of Greybull, offers higher education at Northwest College.

     Industry in the Big Horn Basin includes raising crops and livestock, producing gypsum and bentonite, extracting oil via wells and rail shipping on the Burlington Northern-Santa Fe railroad.

     We live in a beautiful piece of country, and thanks to the advent of technology, we can make our living here.



image002 Bald Mountain
image004 The “W”
image006 Shell Creek Canyon
image008 White Creek Canyon

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